No Conference Room? No Problem!

 Creating Collaborative Space in Your Office

Most offices come equipped with a conference room or two. Conferences, after all, help keep your business on track and your staff well informed. Sometimes, however, the need for an impromptu meeting arises that isn’t conducive to scheduling. By creating collaborative spaces, also known as touchdown spaces, within your office, you can encourage spontaneous meetings and collaborations that foster creative problem solving and camaraderie.

Collaborative Spaces

Whether yours is a huge business with several conference rooms or a smaller operation with none, incorporating collaborative workspaces can have a positive effect on your business. Impromptu collaborations can lead to important business breakthroughs and innovations. Such meetings, however, aren’t always easy to schedule, and meeting in a cramped office or cubicle has obvious disadvantages. Behold the collaborative office space. Collaborative spaces offer comfortable meeting areas that you can carefully carve out with small groupings of office furniture.

Consider the Possibilities

There are several factors you should carefully consider when planning a collaborative meeting space:

  • Location

Location matters. Choose a space that suits your office’s needs, including keeping the distractions to a minimum and keeping it near those employees who are most likely to use it frequently.

  • Shhh!

Choosing a space that minimizes noise can help to make the space both more inviting and more conducive to accomplishing the task at hand. Conversely, ensure that your touchdown space won’t distract those nearby employees who aren’t in attendance.

  • Keep It Simple

The idea behind collaborative office spaces is to keep it simple by arranging a small grouping of office furniture into a self-contained space that’s both inviting and convenient. A simple arrangement of a few comfortable chairs gathered around an abbreviated conference table can provide an effective collaborative space.

  • Keep It Fluid

You’re creating space for spontaneous collaborations, so keep it spontaneous. Don’t turn your space into a meeting area that needs to be reserved. Instead, keep it open by allowing your staff to drop in when the need arises. This can also help alleviate the burden on your conference room.

  • Multitask

Your touchdown space can take many forms and need not follow a set plan. In fact, you could even transform a breakroom or lounge area into a collaborative space during nonpeak hours.

Providing your employees with the means to gather spontaneously in collaboration is a great way to bolster morale, camaraderie, creativity, and productivity.

For More Information about Creating Collaborative Space, Call NPG Today

Allowing your employees to meet outside the confines of a scheduled conference room is beneficial to your employees and to your business. The professional office planners at National Project Group will assist you in designing a touchdown space that’s well appointed with comfortable, inviting office furniture. At NPG, we offer a vast selection of office furniture, and our massive inventory includes new, refurbished, and Grade A pre-owned. For professional guidance planning your collaborative space, give us a call at 800-821-3522 or send us an email through our online contact form today.